I am a self proclaimed comedian and basically rock at it if you ask me. I'm really fun, but I also cry a lot. Hold your judgments please. I love music, singing and having dance parties with my girls- I pretty much have playlists on all day long. I like hangin' out on our boat and am pretty sure that I am supposed to be a passenger princess with a bathing suit and a drink out in the sun.

I am a mama to two strong-willed little girls, and am married to a pretty cool pilot dude. He's my true bestie and my girls are my sassy side-kicks. I'm fueled by iced coffee, anxiety and sarcasm, and have probably seen every episode of "The Office" about 100 times. 

welcome to my digital oasis- where i ramble on with nonsense about myself to try and get you to like me. is it working?

Hey Babe!
I’m jenelle.

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hold on, let me overthink this...

Family photos taken by Mal Jack Photography

1. music - a girl's gotta dance

2. chick-fil-a waffle fries

3. true crime podcasts

4. fuzzy socks

I love coffee dates, flea markets, wine, and if you ever see me with headphones on, I’m probably listening to a true crime podcast. If you reach out to me, I am ready to hang out and have a play date with the kids within 10 minutes, because, socialization. I started this gig so that I could document those true connections that I treasure within my own family, for your family too- I really do love it and it means the world to me to be able to bring joy to families through my photographs.
So, are you ready to be besties? Let's get this friendship rollin!

Crafting meaningful bonds and collaborating with authentic souls who are ready to explore creativity is what truly inspires me.

Things I can’t live without

how did that sound? Are you liking me yet?